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No Mission is of greater importance to a person than the awareness of his own consciousness, the profound significance & purpose of his existence on earth & to find out the path for ultimate bliss , eternal happiness & cheerfulness i.e. the quest for truth.

In ancient days saints had prescribed total renunciation of worldly life, live in caves in jungle, devote 24 hrs/day, all 365 days of year in meditation for salvation of soul. This process was extremely difficult due to very strict austere life style. Even little bit of temptation could lure and distract the seeker and mar life's spiritual earning. Thus, only very few persons, counted on fingers, could derive benefit, in real sense in their spiritual pursuits.

On seeing this miserable plight, utter helplessness, weakness of the seeker soul, Param Sant Almighty Huzur Radha Swami Dayal, most graciously devised and declared a path which can be followed and practiced by women and men, old and young, duly discharging their obligations and duties towards their families and yet achieve and attain total realization and salvation of soul.

Huzur Chacha Ji Maharaj had once declared in one of his discourses that it is far easier and practicable to progress in "parmarth" while one is leading a normal family life, as it is then possible to wipe out past karmas and dues towards family members and associates of past lives. Saints take birth on earth to guide the seeker on the true path for this ultimate realization. It is truly a path - a genuine road to be traveled involving a definite preparation & training for the journey step by step, station by station.

Shabd Pratap Ashram at Gwalior (M.P) India is an institution, a school for the seeker of ultimate truth for the journey of the kingdom of Heavens. It was established and got registered under the name & style of "SHABD PRATAP SATSANG" vide No 2 on 8-4-1931 by revered Shri Shyamlalji, now addressed by his followers as DATA DAYAL, though regular Satsang (Divine Services) and meditation had started many years earlier. Sant Satgure huzer Data Dayal took in intition In the year 1899 from His Holyness Huzur Chacha Ji Maharaj revered Pratap sing ji Seth younger bhother of Holyness Huzur swami ji maharaj (founder of Radha Swami panth at Agra).

Param Purush Pooran Dhani Huzur Data Dayal by continued meditation and practice and with the permission of his guru Huzur Chachaji Maharaj found out & declared on 10th April 1929 "DHARA SINDHU PRATAP" as Dhunyatmak Naam of the Supreme Lord of lords, resounding in splendid refulgence in spiritual regions.