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Managing Committee Current Year

Management of day to day activities & functions, both religious & general administration of all the colonies is done by Managing committee comprising of trustee members as following

S.No. Name Of Person Post Held
01 Shri Shabd Prakash Bansal President
02 Shri Anil Kumar Shrivastava Vic President
03 Shri Subhash Saran Sinha Sect.
04 Shri Swadesh Prakash Awasthi Jt Sect.
05 Shri Tukman Singh Tomar Member
06 Shri Darshan Singh Rajput Member
07 Shri Veerendra Sharma Member
08 Shri Rajendra Singh Tomar Member
09 Shri Deepak Singh Rajput Member
10 Shri Harsh Bindal Member
11 Shri Ramswarup Singh Rajput Member
12 Shri Anand Kumar Yadav Member