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Charitable Activities

Charitable Activities

Charitable Homeopathic dispensary is being run right from the inception of Ashram. Free medicines & treatment is given to satsangies i.e. followers of this panth and also to non-satsangi patients. Almost 40-50 patients are being benefited daily. It is also experienced that mercy of Huzur Data Dayal is bestowed along with medicines which cures even the most chronic and difficult patients.

Donations are being given to leprosy home, home for destitute women, orphanage etc. both in kind & coins.

Periodic donations are also given to needy persons and to victims of natural calamities like Earthquake, floods etc.

A Holy Charitable Mess (Langer) is run on regular basis specially for outstation satsangies, who come to Gwalior for attending satsang and also subsidized food is given to old & handicapped satsangies residing in Ashram.

Natural Calamities